Interview with the first engineer, Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov


Art of management is here, on Earth, since the early forms of people coordination as community, as a result of certain unity and coherence between all the activities inside the group.

Human sciences said that a good leader is made, not innate, he is developing himself, he is in a continuous process of education, training, experience accumulation and self-evaluation. But probably the best leader is one who is self-taught, practicing self-organizing and he is doing all of these as a natural habit. Management means, more than anything else, the way in which a person (in this case the head of a department or organization) will influence others (subordinates, members of the team) to achieve a goal, directing the group so as their actions be consistent and have a closer link between all member’s stakes.

Greeks and romans conception about citadel – as primary form of community – focuses on their attempts in finding the elements which link the universal law (logos) with the idea of citadel’s law (nomos) and also on finding the best form of polis hierarchies. As I have already mentioned, coordination’s issue raised a spotlight on leadership idea, so this is a concern since ancient times; Socrate was the founder of this philosophy.


However, about the way of starting to develop mechanisms that lead to such a call of destiny, even though it would take place on sea, and especially about pretty much which leading’s issue imply, I think we learn from our Bulgarian origin interlocutor, officer in the commercial international navy, the first engineer as rank and function, Mr. Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov. I would like to thank you for accepting my interview invitation. I have already noticed you work every day with the team, in every situation, anytime. Let me ask you the first question: how do you decide to be a sailorman? “Sailor” could be named a profession or is more than this, it’s about man destiny? Which are the stepts you made for achieving this important job position you have in this moment. Tell me about school, trips…anything you consider important from this point of view?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: I became sailorman by a good fortune. As every teenager I was changing my wishes and the way I see myself in the future too often. When I was in the high school I was thinking to study in Germany and it was like that until I graduated. One day after the graduation I decided to stay and to study in my country. I passed the exams for the Naval academy, the Technical University and the Financial University … And finally, somehow, I don’t remember the reason I decided to study in the Naval Academy… Maybe this is the destiny you are asking for?!? 

Let me continue the way of thinking in my previous sentence. Finally I stared loving the engineering, as theory and later on as practice, when I started work. I think the key is the passion for what you are doing. So, from what you are telling me now I understand you had a great quick ascension and that is because you like what you do, you like your job. Anyway, what percent from your life means seamanship (time, energy, money, knowledge etc)?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: Yes you are right. I like what I’m doing as engineer, not like seaman. I can not claim that being away from my relatives is quite normal. The only profit being seaman nowadays is the financial status you could have, especially in the time of financial crisis in all the Europe. You are a very confident young man and for any problem you have a front approach (comparing with lateral or air approach). How do you proceed in this way, what is your real motivation, there is any secret? 

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: I am lucky that I am working what I love to do, fortunately as you understood already. But personally, I am talking about myself, there is other secret. The feeling when some technical problem is solved is … ahm … amazing. It is some kind of personal satisfaction, that makes me happy J Talking about this opportunity, I have a theory (hypothesis): vertical man is lively, balanced, serious, without exposing against others, tolerant, smart, calm, friendly. That dod you think about this theory, this statement?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: I absolutely agree with it. All these characteristics are distinctive feature of the real leader. The trip means together and separately living in the same time, for a group of different nationalities people; what do you thnk about having trust in other crew member, is utopy? Or your interaction with the crew is based only on necessary order?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: The thrust between the crew members is vital for the successful team. In such a team everybody knows his position, feels safe and is not afraid of the challenges. There is a story that “There is not word as bad ship with a lot of problems, but there is a bad team”. Anyhow in the good team there is no place for unmotivated and poor knowledged people, but this is also “part of the game”. In this case suffers everybody! What is your opinion about sailor men trips? Very long trips…What do you think a sailor man is missing a lot?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: For sure the sailor men are missing a lot, simple thinks… Like the wake up smile of their baby, like the ordinary daily calls and meetings with their beloved once, to share their happiness and sadness as well… Simply human habits... How do you get over homesickness?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: No way. It is a chronic sickness! Tell me, please, how do you spend your leisure time? What you love to do more?

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: Under leisure time I understand the time I’m home. So I have a lot of hobbies. Тhe fitness is my very old passion. I started 13 years ago and I continue working out until now, on ship as well. I like to take care of my old VW. It is 1998 and there is always some problem to be solved. I love to spend my time with friends or family members on a glass of wine , some times more J 5 years ago I started producing homemade white wine. I read a lot of books and every year it is getting better and better. Unfortunatly I did not tried my last year crop. But I will fix this issue soon I hope.  And so many, many other beutifull thinks. Generally I like being home  J Do you have any message for Romanians? What do you recommend them, regarding the fact Romanians are your neighbor people.

Sir Yankov Zlatin Stoyanov: To the seamen you mean? Being seaman is one of the toughest professions. It is not for everybody. But if you choose it, try to fit yourself in the Team, I was speaking about. And then it may become not so hard at sea, hopefully.:) Thank you very much for this honor!

An interview by: Valerian Mihoc

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