Waters philosophy

Din filozofia marii de este s-o asculti,
De a lumii-n  afiliatia vietii sa te-ncanti!

So seeing her philosophy on Sea,
The rhythmic waves keep coming,
They come and go you can and be see,
Even it the surface keep calming,
It comes, goes and always fighting!!

Seeing him on philosophy Ocean's,
Inimaginable and infinitely themes,
After by insatiable waters on horizon,
They says to the ozone's in time to times,
Certainly the only culpable is this wind..

Bringing philosophy foamies waters,
Would affect only a swallows everything
Would be aided by the turbulent winds,
But even a mind obedients unseeing
In their places standing beings guides...

Only these days with his ungrateful men
They do not see in the world her gratuities,
Considering is their right on earth to stand,
Making the debtors others for their existence
Only by considering on hypocrisy so important...

O poezie de: Valerian Mihoc

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Postat de: Valerian-Mihoc Joi, 27 Februarie 2014

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